Adventure-seekers attempt high-altitude tightrope walk

Three daredevils from France have attempted to walk a tightrope strung between two hot air balloons – with a parachute serving as their only lifeline.

Sebastian Montaz-Rosset, together with two other members of Skyliners, attempted to complete the difficult task of walking – without any form of safety harness – from one balloon to the other.

The challenge saw the trio head to Spain for the execution of their stunt, along with a specialist support team that joined them up in the air to ensure that everything went according to plan.

A video has been released showing the group of slackliners and parachutists hoisting themselves onto the tightrope. At this point, the two hot air balloons had reached an altitude of about 10,000 feet.

However, the trio failed to complete the stunt successfully; the footage shows two of the three plunging from the rope and plummeting through the air before opening their parachutes. Later, the third daredevil followed the same course.

Once he had landed, Montaz-Rosset said he would like to attempt the stunt again. According to The Independent, he said that all members of the Skyliners team were excited to test their skills on the high-altitude tightrope.

Further, he thanked the hot air ballooning experts for their skill as pilots, which he said enabled the Skyliners to come ‘really close’ to completing the stunt successfully.

The stunt in Spain isn’t Montaz-Rosset’s first; the YouTube channel for Aplina Watches features a short film that shows the Frenchman and other members of the Skyliners team putting their ‘free flight’ skills to the test among the fjords and windswept cliffs of Norway.

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