Balloons for Corporate Branding & Promotion

Corporate Branding

Imagine flying existing customers or potential new clients in your own Hot Air Balloon? Picture your corporate colours or logo ascending into the skies accompanied by the roar of the burners? Or even more spectacularly, see one of your own products or icons float into the distance with the chairman waving from beneath?

We have our own design specialists who will individually tailor special shape balloons to cater for most designs. We have a wealth of experience in making Balloons the centre of attention in most marketing forums!

Promotional Prowess

What adventure provides such mystique, majesty and allure? According to independent research Hot Air Balloon Flights consistently fall in the "Top Ten Things" people have always wanted to do. It is that "Once in a lifetime" experience that people just have to do!

Balloons are innovative and attention-grabbing media vehicles. Used to generate publicity at events such as balloon fiestas, major sporting occasions, outdoor shows and events that attract television coverage, balloons provide ideal opportunities to create interest in a product or organisation. Not only do balloons develop awareness and interest, they are also capable of generating desire and action in almost any target audience.

Research suggests that the direct cost of balloon advertising 'per thousand opportunities to see' is lower that the figure for newspapers, posters, radio or television. Furthermore, these figures only took into account people who actually saw the balloon, not the 'editorial' press and television coverage of this very visual medium.

The launch and landing of a hot air balloon will always draw a crowd of onlookers whether it is 6000 at a village fair, 60,000 at a major festival or country show or millions if the event is televised.

A balloon is a powerful corporate entertaining tool as well. Clients, competition prize winners, journalists and company staff are all potential passengers for your balloon.

Each new customer provides exciting new challenges and more importantly, fresh opportunity to test the most powerful incentive tool in Aviation History.

To examine how we could help you find new customers, reward existing ones or simply increase spending, contact us for more information.