Hot air balloon stuffing event to raise money for charity

On Saturday, a group of people in the US will attempt to break the record for stuffing a hot air balloon.

The charity event in Michigan will involve getting as many people as possible to enter a balloon envelope and stand there together.

Steve MacDermaid, who is the Fowlerville event coordinator, told the Livingston Daily:

“Ken Meyer, our head balloonist, fit 1,194 people into one of his balloons [during another event] and it was his idea to try and reach 1,500 during Christmas in the ‘Ville parade.”

All of the volunteers who will take part in the event are being asked to bring non-perishable food items to the event. This is because the main purpose of the annual Christmas in the Ville is to collect nourishing items for people in need.

As well as collecting food from volunteers, there will be a police car for other event attendees to put their donations into, with the aim being to fill the law-enforcement vehicle. There will also be a raffle to raise some cash.

Hot air balloons have been a feature of the village of Fowlerville’s celebrations for several years, ever since a group of balloonists asked the event organisers if they could take part. While in that first year just eight balloons were present, this year there will be thirty offering visitors to the event hot air balloon rides. Last year, 26 balloons took part and with 12,000 people attending the village’s festivities.

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