Hot air balloon used in promotional video

A manufacturing firm that deals with cycle parts has recently had two hot air balloons designed in the company colours.

Hope Technology, situated in Barnoldswick, is using the hot air balloons to generate publicity, with the larger of the two being featured in a special publicity video.

According to the Craven Herald Online, Ian Weatherill, co-owner of Hope Technology, is friends with someone who runs a balloon company in La Molina in Spain.

Rachael Walker, who features in the new promotional video, explained that a conversation in the pub between the two company owners led to the subject of a new hot air balloon.

Ian chose the company colours, and Rachael explained further that there was a lot of discussion over the right shade of green to feature on the balloons. She also said that when they got the chance to use the vessels, they immediately thought they would be great for publicity.

Rachael Walker and Sam Flanagan appear in the publicity video, which features flights above Barnoldswick as well as Spain, where the vessels were made and where they will now be based.

Rachael explained that the Hope Technology colours will be seen mostly in the skies around La Molina, but Alan Weatherill, Ian’s brother, hopes to have balloon rides taking place more often over the Barnoldswick base when weather permits. He highlighted the fact that the weather has to be perfect for flight, with little or no wind.

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