Bath hot air balloon flights

Bath Hot Air balloon Festival is held each May, but you do not have to wait for this popular event to come around before you can experience the joy of soaring above the Somerset skies for yourself. At Balloons Over Britain, we offer Bath hot air balloon flights throughout the year, enabling balloon enthusiasts and thrill seekers to take an unforgettable trip at any time they choose, weather permitting, of course.

Bath is a picturesque city in the county of Somerset. It was once highly regarded for its therapeutic spa waters, which made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Victorian times. While it is still a popular tourist spot today, visitors now flock to the town for the immense beauty of its architecture and natural landscapes, both of which are best viewed from above.

Bath from on high

Bath hot air balloon flights allow anyone to view the beautiful city of Bath from above and it is certainly more spectacular from such a viewpoint. The River Avon can be viewed in all of its glory, as can the many beautiful Georgian buildings that were lovingly built with the finest Bath stone. There are also Roman remains and picturesque landscapes which Bath, a World heritage Site, is noted for all over the world.

The thrill of a balloon ride

There is nothing more thrilling in Bath than hot air balloon flights. The great thing about exploring the city from a balloon is the fact that you never know where you will end up, travelling only where the wind takes you.

There is no shortage of things to see in the area, from Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain to stunning little villages with their chocolate box appearances, which are dotted around the region.

If you would like to explore the pretty city and its surrounding areas from a different angle, get in touch with us at Balloons Over Britain today and be prepared to see Bath with fresh eyes.

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