Brookfield balloon festival to beckon in the crowds

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The time of year has once again arrived for Brookfield’s hot air balloon festival, which will run from the 29th August through to 2nd September. The 37th annual Great Pershing Balloon Derby hopes to draw spectators in their thousands to (more…)

The five biggest milestones in the history of hot air ballooning

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Hot air ballooning, whether considered as a hobby, a sport or both, has a long and fascinating history in which to delve. With this in mind, here are some of (more…)

Respected balloon pilot speaks at festival

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Jack Way, a hot air balloonist from Cody in the U.S., appeared at a festival in the town recently to talk to revellers about his many encounters as a pilot.

Speaking at the annual Wild West Balloon Festival, which took place earlier this month, Way (more…)

How hot air balloons work

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Hot air balloons rise into the air using a force that is known as buoyancy. The enormous canopy of the balloon, referred to as the envelope, is filled with air that has (more…)

Special birthday celebrated with balloon flight

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A woman has celebrated her 106th birthday by embarking on a hot air balloon ride with her family. Ella Passmore, from Claxton, took to the skies in the early hours of last Tuesday morning.

Ella was given the chance to fulfil a lifelong dream after the trip was arranged by Touchstone Energy and Coastal Electric. She said:

“It was just something I had never done before and I wanted to try it.”

The balloon was tethered so she was able to ascend and descend several times with different family members, including granddaughter Jami, who said:

“It’s something that we will share and have and not many people can say that.”

The balloon pilot, Cheri White, reported that in all her years of flying, Ella is easily the oldest person to accompany her on a ride.

“She was so peaceful, but she had tears in her eyes and then that made my eyes tear up. It was just so exciting to see someone so happy about the experience.”

After the balloon flight, Ella also got to ride in a preserved war helicopter, which she thoroughly enjoyed, marvelling on the sheer variability of the view. Finally, the entire family celebrated with a generous breakfast and cake.

Ella, however, remains undeterred by her age, maintaining that everybody else except her is old. Trey Bragg, her great grandson, said that when she receives visitors at her nursing home, she will frequently complain about being surrounded by ‘old people’, and has to be reminded that, actually, she is the oldest person present.

Chinese stuntman completes hot air balloon feat

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A daredevil high-wire aerialist has completed a death-defying walk across a beam positioned between two hot air balloons in the Yunman province (more…)