Pennsylvania town plays host to newly named balloon event

Filed under: Fairs and Events — Posted by: Barry on July 30, 2014

Having run twice in the last four years, Friday saw the launch of eight hot air balloons into the skies of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, to mark the return of a summer festival.

Taking off from Green Cove Gardens, the (more…)

Hot air balloon event revisits US city 20 years later

Filed under: Fairs and Events — Posted by: Susan on July 23, 2014

September will see the return of a hot air balloon festival to Park City in Utah, which has not been held since the 1990s.

It has been organised for the (more…)

Southwest city’s residents treated to unique wake-up call

Filed under: Fairs and Events — Posted by: Susan on July 16, 2014

Some residents in Bristol awoke recently to the sound of a slightly different morning chorus than birdsong.

Instead, locals in the south of (more…)

Balloon Fiesta organisers team up with charity to promote support

Filed under: Charity Events — Posted by: admin on July 10, 2014

Cameron Balloons, the company that organises the famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta, has recently crafted a huge hot air balloon for local charity Above and Beyond, whose aim is to support the (more…)

Festival organisers keep visitors entertained despite weather

Filed under: Fairs and Events — Posted by: Mark Smith on July 2, 2014

The American city of Foley, Alabama, has recently hosted the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival for the 10th consecutive year.

The first day saw thunderstorms and (more…)