London hot air balloon flights

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. The UK capital is visited by millions of people each and every year. They flock to the city in order to take in the cultural sites, shop, and soak up the multicultural atmosphere that is such a big part of London. At Balloons Over Britain, we offer London hot air balloon flights that give locals and visitors alike the opportunity to view London from a unique perspective.

Hot air balloon rides are very exciting events, as there is nothing quite like soaring in the sky, going where the wind takes you to invigorate the sense and create memories that will never be forgotten. However, when it is London that is being flown over, the excitement and wonder of a hot air balloon flight is increased tenfold.

London sights

Most London hot air balloon flights will take in some of the most famous landmarks that are known all over the world, including Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, the Thames, the London Eye, Nelson’s Column and much more besides.


A lot of people think that Paris is the romance capital of Europe, but if they’d ever taken a hot air balloon ride over Central London, they would certainly rethink that. There are few scenarios more romantic than taking a loved one on the balloon ride of a lifetime over the (hopefully) sunny London sky. The beautiful skyline, stunning urban landscapes and drama of going where the wind takes you all come together to make London hot air balloon flights an unforgettable romantic episode, which is why they are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, weddings and anniversaries.

So, why not give someone the ultimate treat and book them an unforgettable balloon flight over London with Balloons Over Britain?

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