The Balloon Flight...

Few can resist the attraction as one hundred feet of wispy nylon majestically rises with the dragon-like roar of the burners.

Four people standing in a hot air balloon before it takes off.

Up, Up And Away

As you take off you'll be more aware of the ground dropping away than of any sensation of movement or rising. The feeling of peace and tranquillity is heightened by the apparent lack of wind - because of course you're moving with it.

The Tapestry Below

Once in the air, your balloon travels at between a few hundred and several thousand feet, allowing you to gaze down upon villages, towns and the countryside. The 'miniature' people and cars scattered seemingly at random across the ground below look as if they've fallen from a toy box.

Picture This

The supremely steady balloon basket provides an excellent vantage point for aerial photography. This un-missable opportunity to record your trip is heightened by the ability of the pilot to turn the balloon using the 'rotation vents' - these provide you with a truly panoramic view as you float through the air.

Wild Thing

You'll also have a good chance of spotting wildlife, particularly on morning flights. Views depend entirely on the wind on the day, which means every flight is a unique experience.

All Good Things...

We round off every balloon flight with a champagne toast and a commemorative flight certificate presentation, making the occasion even more memorable and ensuring that the experience is one that will stay with you for years to come.

A Typical Hot Air Balloon Flight

Flying over an area of the country you know well is a great experience.With Balloons Over Britain, our nationwide coverage means you might be able to look down on your own patch.