Trade Secrets

Buying a balloon flight voucher is easy - there are loads of websites selling them! However, telling the good from the bad companies is a bit trickier, and so we would like to offer some useful advice to help you decide!

  • Balloons Over Britain is the ONLY national supplier of balloon flights that requires you to pay just a deposit in order to receive your vouchers. The deposit is only £45 per passenger, and the balance is not payable until the 1st of April 2021. This is a great way to spread the cost, interest free and with no additional charges.

  • Although you may not have heard of Balloons Over Britain, we are the EXCLUSIVE suppliers to some of the UK's largest gift experience companies such as Red Letter Days and Buy a Gift. These companies have worked with us for about 20 years, and we fly thousands of their customers every season. However, now that you have found us, you can book directly and cut out the middleman!

  • We always allow customers to see some date availability before they purchase a voucher: just see the Buy & Fly option on our home page. However, certain balloon flight providers decline to show their availability until you have made your purchase - perhaps because they don't want you to know how seldom they fly in your area - by which time it's too late. We are confident that our schedules allow much greater flexibility and transparency than any other national balloon flight provider.

  • When you book your flight date with us, you will be dealing with your local operator, and not a faceless call centre! You will be speaking to people who know the area from which you want to fly, and who work daily with your flight crew. We can advise on travel, accommodation, restaurants and pubs, and give you first hand experience of what your day will entail.

  • Our Balloons Over Britain operators have been commercial balloonists for about 30 years. Our experience is second to none, and we have a passion for hot air ballooning that makes your flight extra special.