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A brief guide to ballooning across Hertfordshire

There are various modes of travel you can choose if you want to take in the sights of Hertfordshire. The county is found in Southern England, and the main market town of Hertford remains a bustling and densely populated area. You may choose a ground level mode of transport, such as by car or even strolling around by foot, but if you are looking for a different perspective that allows you to soak up the sights on a wider scale, why not consider taking to the skies with a hot air balloon flight. A hot air balloon is constructed from a large envelope of fabric filled with hot air, which raises it off the ground enabling it to float in the air. This is because the environment around the outside of the balloon is a lower density than that inside of it. The pilot manages the altitude the balloon takes, and resides beneath the balloon in a wicker basket, along with any passengers who have joined the experience. With the main flying season generally falling between March and October, hot air ballooning is very weather dependant, with the best conditions being within a couple of hours of either the sunrise or sunset. This is because this is when the winds are more often calmer and more stable. Taking to the skies on a hot air balloon ride will give you the opportunity to soak up the views and absorb the miles of stunning countryside that Hertfordshire has to offer, with its open fields and hedgerows offering a picturesque view. With landmarks spanning centuries of time, Hertfordshire is well known for being the main location for filming for much of the now legendary Harry Potter film saga, and a hot air balloon ride will allow you to soar overhead to see what Hertfordshire has to offer.

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