A Buyer’s Guide!

If You Are Looking Around For Balloon Rides,
Here Are Some Useful Tips & Impartial Advice.

It’s easy to buy a balloon flight – there are loads of websites selling them. The tricky bit is knowing which company to choose, so here are our top tips to help you to make the right choice!



TripAdvisor is a great place to start. Click on the logo to the right to see just what customers say about our operators.


  • Due to our recent customers’ superb reviews we have achieved a near flawless score!
  • We are one of the top balloon ride companies in the UK!
  • We don’t have millions of reviews, but most report us as ‘Excellent’!

Below we have listed key factors that differentiate us from our competition. Please take some time out of your day to understand how we have grown into one of the most popular independent balloon flight operators in the UK!


You Want Value For Money?

Buying your balloon flight directly from us means that you are getting the best possible value for money.

We are proud to be the sole provider of balloon flights to many other agencies, such as Red Letter Days, Buyagift, and Into The Blue, but by coming direct to us as the experience supplier you are able to secure the best price and service.

All of our flights are celebrated with a chilled glass of Champagne after landing. A tradition that stems from the French history of hot air ballooning, we continue this custom as a way to mark the occasion in style!

Ballooning isn’t something you do every day, so make sure you get the best flight for your money!

Established For More Than 30 Years!

We’re a long-established business, offering that extra degree of service throughout your experience. If you telephone you are as likely to speak to one of our pilots as you are to one of our reservations team! If you require detailed information about the process or local knowledge of our launch sites, our expert team has it all! After all, we’ve been doing this for over 30 years!

Here at Balloons Over Britain we all absolutely love ballooning. We were into ballooning as a sport long before it became our livelihood!

All of our air crew are CAA licensed commercial pilots, who must pass a rigorous flight test with CAA examiners on a yearly basis – as well as complete an annual in-depth fire-fighting and first aid course. Who knew so much was involved!

More Flights = More Fun!

Throughout the years we have made thousands of flights from our stunning venues across the UK. This isn’t a new trend either, we were doing this last year, and the year before that, and the…well, you get the picture by now!

Flights 12 Months Of The Year

Many operators close up through the hard winter months, but not us! We are available to fly all year round from certain areas of the country. Some of the most breath-taking views can be had on a crisp January morning – the white blanketed fields, the peaceful little villages, and the faint smell of mulled wine on the breeze – or maybe that’s just our imagination! If you want to fly on Boxing Day or New Years Eve, no problem at all.