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Balloons Over Britain

Most members of Balloons Over Britain have been operating passenger balloon rides for almost 30 years.

This gives us an unparalleled wealth of operational experience that we share across the network to ensure the highest operating standards. From this experience have come many of the procedures that are now incorporated into industry standards via our regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), through which all Balloons Over Britain members receive their Air Operators Certificates. This certification is granted to fare-paying-passenger carrying organisations that satisfy the organisational and safety requirements required by the CAA.

The age-old appeal of man's first form of flying never wanes, and with Balloons Over Britain you can re-enact the exploits of the pioneer balloonists who first flew in a balloon over 200 years ago.

Our range of hot air balloons can accommodate from 2 to 16 passengers, so whether you're an intimate twosome or a large group, look no further than Balloons Over Britain.

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Balloons Over Britain can also provide corporate entertainment and commercial opportunities for balloon operation and advertising.

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Balloons Over Britain Ltd,
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