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About Us

30 Years Experience

Balloons Over Britain is a syndicate of smaller regional operators. Most of our members have been operating passenger balloon rides for 30 years or more! This gives us an unparalleled wealth of experience that allows us to achieve the highest operating standards regardless of which location you fly from!

Expert Pilots

All of our pilots hold unrestricted commercial pilot’s licenses, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. Many of our pilots have thousands of hours of experience. Additionally, each year all of our pilots have to undertake a flight examination and medical assessment. These rigorous procedures ensure passenger safety standards are kept at the highest level.

Safety First

All of our balloons are thoroughly inspected every year or every 100 hours of flying (whichever occurs first) by a CAA licensed maintenance organisation. Consequently, they are awarded a certificate of airworthiness by the Civil Aviation Authority. Because our balloons are classed as Public Transport Category aircraft, they are held to the same standards as any airline you would use to go on holiday!

Civil Aviation Authority Approved

Established over 30 years ago, many of our operators were amongst the UK’s earliest hot air balloon companies to be granted an Air Operator Certificate. Every year our operators are audited by the Civil Aviation Authority to ensure that we are delivering a consistently high level of safety and professionalism to our passengers.

A Passion for Flying

Without a doubt, we owe our great success to our incredible team. From the office to the launch field, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team ensures that you have the best possible experience. Our aim is to consistently exceed your expectations, no matter when or where you meet us. If you are looking for a premium customer experience, then look no further!

Exclusive Locations

We only fly from the most idyllic and prestigious launch sites England & Wales has to offer! Your flight is always a special occasion, so you need an incredible setting to match. Our exclusive venues are hand selected to give you a sensational backdrop to each and every take-off, no matter what time of year you fly!

From Sub-Zero To Sub-Tropical

We have experienced ballooning on a monumental global scale, operating for various clients in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, Africa and Chile! From the sub-zero of the Alps to the sub-tropical of Santiago, from Red Square Moscow to the deserts of Africa!

WonderDays™ and Balloons Over Britain Experience Days

Get ready to elevate your experience to new heights as WonderDays and Balloons Over Britain have embarked on an exciting new opportunity! This groundbreaking acquisition has catapulted WonderDays into the spotlight, making it the largest location-based retailer for breathtaking hot air balloon rides in the UK. Brace yourself for a journey filled with wonder, adventure, and unforgettable moments.

With a shared vision of delivering the highest quality of service and unparalleled experiences, WonderDays and Balloons Over Britain have found the perfect match in each other. The union between these two industry titans has set the stage for extraordinary opportunities and boundless possibilities.

Now, brace yourself for the remarkable news! WonderDays is thrilled to announce that it is offering an exclusive feature for Balloons Over Britain customers and website visitors. Introducing the ability to purchase experience day gift vouchers that can be redeemed for any adventure listed on the WonderDays website. Imagine the joy of giving the gift of an awe-inspiring experience, allowing your loved ones to choose from a vast array of incredible adventures that await them.

This thrilling joint venture serves as a gateway for Balloons Over Britain to expand on its previous successes and venture into new and exciting avenues within the realm of experience day gifting. By harnessing the expertise and passion of both companies, WonderDays and Balloons Over Britain are poised to revolutionise the way people explore and celebrate life's special moments.

WonderDays' commitment to excellence, combined with the expertise and heritage of Balloons Over Britain, guarantees an unrivalled experience from start to finish. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment as you embark on a balloon ride that transcends the ordinary, leaving you with memories that will endure a lifetime.

Together, they are reaching new heights, expanding horizons and unlocking the boundless potential of experience day gifting. Get ready to soar into the extraordinary and let WonderDays be your guide to creating memories that will leave you breathless.

Welcome to a world where the sky is no longer the limit, but the beginning of a remarkable journey. Experience the magic of WonderDays and Balloons Over Britain and let your dreams take flight.

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