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Another successful year for US Balloon Bash

Once again, the Big Bend Balloon Bash held at Alpine-Casparis Airport in Texas was deemed a triumph. This very popular balloon festival has been held over the American Labor Day weekend since 1987. During the three days of the event, an array of balloons took part flying high over the mountains and desert that surrounds the airport. The take-off point is only one mile north of the city limits, so when the wind is in the right direction there are also great views of the city of Alpine. On Saturday morning, hundreds of locals gathered to see the first balloons taking off at 7.30am. All balloon flights stopped at 10am, at which point the crowds were able to enjoy the rest of the day visiting the stalls of the many vendors that attended the event. Mark Hannan, who is a resident of Alpine, said:
"It's just a great occasion. Seeing the balloons is a wonderful opportunity and the kids have a great time."
Many of the visitors to the show take the chance to enjoy hot air ballooning for the first time. Coming to the festival is a tradition for many families, with several generations attending the Balloon Bash together. As well as ballooning, the festival organisers usually put on extra entertainment. This year, on Sunday night, they held a fire concert. The fact that the event is free to the public is another added attraction, which keeps families coming back year after year. The next festival is already at the planning stages, and is expected to be at least as big and successful as this year’s.
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