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Balloon acrobats perform in London borough

An acrobatic troupe that uses hot air balloons for its performances kept crowds of people entertained in Hounslow’s Bell Square last Saturday. The group is called Dream Engine and it specialises in performing aerial shows. When it performs, the troupe does not set up a big top. Instead, it inflates a large hot air balloon called a Heliosphere, which is tethered to the ground. Using such balloons, the trapeze artists can perform their stunts above the crowd. It is a unique way to set up a show, which allows the group to entertain virtually anywhere. This event was the first of a programme of performances that will take place in Hounslow’s Bell Square. The next show will be performed by the Kamchatka's street theatre from Barcelona. Photos of the event showed that the people of Hounslow were apparently enthralled by the performance. Over 25,000 of them attended the show, but for Dream Engine this was a small crowd. In the past, it has performed at huge pop concerts and corporate events. Balloons are increasingly being used as platforms for stunts and performances. In August 2013, Aisikaier Wubulikasimu secured himself a Guinness World Record with the help of two hot air balloons. He did this by walking across a 5cm round steel girder that was suspended between the two balloons. Aisikaier covered the 18-meter long girder in just 38.35 seconds. He is a sixth-generation tightrope walker who has performed many stunts during his career, but this was the first time he had used hot air balloons.
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