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Balloon ride the ultimate test for superglue

A new brand of superglue underwent rigorous testing in Russia, to prove beyond all doubt that it really is the strongest adhesive. Footage from a Russian TV show 'Wonders of Technology' or 'Chudo Tehniki', has become a hit on social media sites, as more people watch the producer of the show flying upside down with his feet super glued to a plank beneath a hot air balloon. Dmitriy Demin, an experienced parachutist, was selected to take part in the video due to his experience. The video clip is also very similar to an advert, which was aired in 1979, with a man glued by Solvite wallpaper glue to a board and flown through the air beneath a helicopter. Demin initially took to the skies in the hot air balloon, before lowering himself over the edge of the basket. Using a supporting rope at first, he dangled upside down with his feet glued to the plank, before letting go of the rope, leaving him suspended 5,000ft above the ground. Once he had enjoyed the view and proved to spectators that the glue really was as strong as claimed, he untied his shoelaces and parachuted to the ground, unharmed. Prior to the stunt being filmed, the crew had tested the glue on a vehicle's tyres and the plastic of a car. Suspending a man upside down, secured to a plank of wood only by the superglue, was the ultimate show of faith.
Balloons on TV

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