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Ballooning over Bedfordshire

A hot air balloon ride is always an enjoyable experience no matter where you fly from, but Bedfordshire offers some idyllic scenery that makes it the preferred location for many ballooning enthusiasts. This is because the county in the east of England offers a picturesque setting with lots of great landmarks to spot. Bedfordshire also provides balloonists with a great variety of sights, from the rural wonders of the Chiltern Hills to urbanised towns, such as Bedford and Luton. However, do you know what to look out for on a Bedfordshire balloon ride? Read on to find out:


Many balloon rides will take off from near the town of Bedford, which has some great sights to see right from the start of any hot air balloon ride. Bedford is located on the Great Ouse, which itself provides wonderful vistas, as there are a number of intriguing bridges crossing the river that can be appreciated from above. Also, the calming effect of watching a boat casually drifting down the waterway will be a sight to behold. As well as this, the river is lined with gardens, which are known by locals as the Embankment. These green spaces offer a bit of colour to the view and are home to some other landmarks in the town, such as the War Memorial.

Marston Vale

Another great sight from the skies of Bedfordshire is the Forest of Marston Vale. This woodland is located to the southeast of Bedford, so if the wind is in your favour, you can find yourself drifting over this area as well. The community forest is operated by the Marston Vale Trust, and contains several lakes and a country park, making for great viewing from both the ground and the sky. Bedfordshire has a lot to offer those wanting to take a hot air balloon ride, with anyone who snatches up this opportunity sure to be rewarded with some spectacular scenery.

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