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Ballooning spirit runs through family in Oregon

It has been said within the hot air balloon community that the pastime could become more of a rarity as time goes on, due to the simple fact of aging pilots. It has, therefore, become increasingly important for younger people to be properly trained and have the sport passed onto them. This is something that the Miller family, based in Salem, Oregon, have adopted with full relish. Greg Miller and his son Cory attended The Festival of Balloons, which was held in Tigard earlier this year. The event included balloon launches as the main spectacle, as well as a twilight run, football, eating contests, various games and a car show. Additionally, four unusually shaped balloons were on display to the public, among these were a giant panda bear and the Flying Purple People Eater. Cory said of the event:
“The ballooning family is one big family, so I love taking my kids to the events. We all know each other and know everything about each other. We’ve seen each other’s kids grow up.”
Back in 1989, Greg convinced his two sons to wake up in the early hours and join him in his hot air balloon. It was from that moment on that Cory was extremely taken by the sport, and he is currently the Vice President of the Balloon Federation of America. His children, in turn, normally accompany him on rides and know all the names of the balloon parts and the necessary steps for a successful take-off and landing. One of his children, daughter Meyghan, also holds hopes of becoming a pilot one day.
Hot Air Balloon Pilots

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