Balloons to return to Byrnes Park festival

The My Waterloo Days festival, held at the Byrnes Park in Waterloo, Iowa will see its original hot air balloons returning once more this June. Those in charge of the community celebration have revealed their ‘Fun is in the Air’ theme recently.

After the announcement, Amanda Goodman, news anchorwoman and chairperson for the festival this year, took to the skies in a hot air balloon.

The balloon rally – the main attraction of the My Waterloo Days festival – had undergone cancellation in 2007, but saw a return to the previous downtown Grand Hotel site in 2013.

Jeff Kurtz, the executive director of Main Street, said:

“As long as Main Street Waterloo is involved, the heart of My Waterloo Days will always be downtown. However, when Main Street took over management of the festival years ago we heard from the public loud and clear when they harkened to the good old days of the festival. We’ve worked hard to reintroduce old favourites.”

So far, 21 pilots have agreed to take part in the festival, which will witness the balloons dropping targets onto the ground below in Byrnes Park.

Other events taking place at the festival include ‘People in the park’, an evening parade and the Waterhawks water skiing show and Dragon Boats competition bringing the event to a close.

Food vendors, a beer garden, children’s entertainment, a laser light display and a glowing balloon event will also form part of the entertainment. It is all scheduled for June 12 – 15.

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