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Bathe in the beauty of a hot air balloon flight across Bath

One of the most beautiful cities in England, Bath is unsurprisingly a top destination for tourists from all across the world. Set among the rich and lush Somerset landscape, it is perhaps at its most wonderful from the air. Taking a balloon flight over Bath presents its most inspiring sights in an altogether more inspiring view.

The Royal Crescent

Quite simply one of the most iconic sights of Bath, the Royal Crescent was built in the late 18th Century. Forming a sweeping crescent comprising 30 Grade I listed Georgian buildings, it is among the best examples of architecture from the time. Stunningly set with its lawns descending to Royal Victoria Park, it is a landmark of any hot air balloon ride over Bath.

The Circus

Another impressive view that comes into sight nearby the Royal Crescent is the Circus. Older than the former, it is another collection of impressively curved Georgian townhouses. Set into three separate segments, it looks truly amazing encircling the grassy area at its heart – more so when your vantage is from above.

Pulteney Bridge

Mentioned in the same breath as the stunning Ponte Vecchio, Pulteney Bridge is one of the world's most beautiful river crossings. In keeping with the Florence landmark too, Pulteney Bridge is complete with a shopping arcade within its structure. Crossing the River Avon majestically, and with its position close to Parade Gardens and the often raging crescent weir located here, it stuns many a balloon rider. These are only three of Bath's most famous sights and, with the city the only one in the UK to be ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety, it is little surprise there are so many more. With Bath Abbey, the Theatre Royal and the Roman Baths looking resplendent from the air too, one flight across this stunning city may not be enough.

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