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Businesses adapting to shortage of helium

Businesses in the US have recently been affected by a helium shortage, according to a recent report by CBS Sacramento. Over the last year, the shortage has reportedly had a negative impact on businesses that rely primarily on providing helium balloons to parties and other events. Carolyn Hadin, who has owned Balloon Creations by Carolyn for the business’ 23 years, said that tanked helium has become increasingly difficult to get hold of. Speaking about the impact the shortage has had on her business, she said:
“We have five kids. This is how we’ve supported them. This is all my husband and I do. “We could get eight, nine, 10 tanks a week. Now we can get two. We ended up losing our home, you know – lots of problems.”
In order to keep her business afloat, Hadin has had to adapt additional business strategies – including offering balloon tying tutorials and face painting classes, as well as experimenting with an innovative balloon formula composed of 80% nitrogen and just 20% helium. While some reports have stated that the world’s supply of helium has not run out at all, and is actually expected to last another three centuries, others – including High Country News – have pointed towards a significant global shortage. The world’s supply of helium will not affect balloon trips in the UK or elsewhere, since hot air balloons, as their name suggests, rely on an on-board source of heat to remain high up in the air.

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