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Celebrate Hampshire in style

A hot air balloon trip is the perfect way to celebrate so many things. Whether it’s an engagement, anniversary, or that special milestone birthday, a trip in a balloon certainly gives the recipient a unique experience that they won’t forget in a hurry. Nestled in the South of England is the county of Hampshire, filled with stunning surroundings and scenery, and incorporating beautiful hotspots such as the New Forest, and the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. There is over 3,700 square kilometres to explore, absorb and appreciate. Taking to the skies is the ultimate way to fully absorb your surroundings, as it gives an aerial ‘birds eye’ view. Imagine gliding over the New Forest Wildlife Park, eagerly spotting the various animals roaming freely throughout the park. The trip may give you an idea of a particular area you would like to explore in more detail once back at ground level, such as the Rhinefield House Hotel and Health Club, or the North Hants Golf Club which has been in place from when it was originally designed back in 1904. From the atmospheric vantage point of a hot air balloon, you are best placed to decide the avenue your sightseeing tour will take. Don’t forget to pack your camera, camcorder or such device so that you can capture the day, to revisit your memories in future years. This is a great idea if the hot air balloon trip is a surprise for one of the party. Some balloon trips actually provide a nicely chilled champagne, once you are up in the air, so that you can toast the experience and whatever occasion took you up on your balloon ride initially The timing of your flight will be dependant on prevailing weather conditions, and it is worth checking the weather report before you set off so that you dress to remain warm, without overheating. Layers are a good choice as you can remove a layer if you find the temperature creeps up. If you are looking for a unique experience to earmark for a special occasion, a hot air balloon ride over the county of Hampshire could be just what you need. It will allow you to explore more ground in a shorter space of time, with spectacular views of the surrounding area, as well as highlighting places of interest.

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