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Chinese stuntman completes hot air balloon feat

A daredevil high-wire aerialist has completed a death-defying walk across a beam positioned between two hot air balloons in the Yunman province of China. Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu made the careful 60-foot journey around 100 feet above Naigu Stone Forest in his home country. He finished the task in just 38.35 seconds, breaking the previous world record as he went. The steel beam was lifted into place by the two balloons, as Wubulikaisimu took his second swipe at the feat. Guinness World Record judges and spectators could only gape in amazement at the spectacle before them, especially when the ‘Uighur daredevil’ had to squat on the beam to maintain his balance. A mood of celebration took hold as soon as the acrobat mounted the second balloon after the walk, with spectators breaking into loud applause and banging drums as the record breaker received his certificate from the officials. Once he was back on the ground and wearing traditional clothing, everybody gathered around the winner to offer their congratulations and enjoy his success. Only one month ago, Wubulikaisimu wasn’t quite so lucky. The 40-year-old fell from a high-wire walk set over a gorge in the Hunan province. Fortunately, he only fell at the last leg of the stunt, at around 132 feet off the ground, and suffered only minor injuries. The rest of the 2,300-foot long walk was completed at a height of nearly 650 feet. It is not yet known whether Wubulikaisimu plans to attempt this stunt again in the future.
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