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Coasting over Kinross: what is there to see?

The Kinross area of Scotland is located in the centre of the northern country and is perfect for those who wish to get a real taste of what the nation has to offer. It has beautiful landscapes for miles around, making for some great photos, as well as a calm and relaxing hot air balloon flight. So, what might you see from the basket on your journey?

Loch Leven

Loch Leven is a designated fresh water lake located next to the town of Kinross. One of the distinguishing features of this loch is that it has a castle on an island in the middle of it. Loch Leven Castle is believed to have been built around 1300 and was the location of military action during the Wars of Scottish Independence, between 1296 and 1357. This castle was also the prison of Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1567, which makes it a popular tourist destination and one of the most exciting landmarks when seen from the basket mid-flight. On a lovely summer’s day, it makes for a great photo opportunity that many balloonists seize with both hands.

Ochill Hills

One of the most distinguishing features of this particular area is the Ochill Hills. This range is located north of the Forth Valley and bordered by the towns of Kinross, Perth, Alloa and Stirling. Although these hills have no prominent peak, its highest point is Ben Cleuch at 721m tall. The Ochills can be seen for miles and make for a spectacular view from above.


Perth is a city in the centre of Scotland and is the administrative centre of the Perth and Kinross council region. It is located in a very rural area of the country, making it something to behold when drifting over the region. The city’s skyline seems to pops up out of nowhere, especially if you have been heading over the Ochill Hills.

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