Couple exchange vows in a hot air balloon

Sara and Joseph Stewart were married during a hot air balloon flight over their hometown.

The balloon pilot and one of the couples’ close friends witnessed the ceremony.

The bride’s father could not see the wedding itself, but was still able to give his daughter away before she got into the balloon with the groom. The whole ceremony was recorded on video, so friends and family were able to watch the nuptials later.

Mrs Stewart, who is a wedding photographer, was the one who suggested that the ceremony should take place floating above Canton, Georgia. It all started when Mr Stewart told her that he had planned to ask her to marry him in a hot air balloon. He was unable to go ahead with his plan, but that is when they decided to get married in the air instead.

The bride said:

“I wanted to do something I had never seen before. Joey told me that he had thought about proposing to me on a hot air balloon, so then I came up with the idea of getting married in one. He thought it was an awesome idea.”

Many ballooning enthusiasts propose in a hot air balloons, but not many can get married in one. For example, it is only possible to have the ceremony conducted in the balloon itself in certain countries, including the UK and US. In some other nations, like South Africa, the actual marriage service can only be conducted in a religious building, a public office or a private dwelling, so a balloon wedding is not possible.

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