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Daredevil hot air balloonist offers passenger flights over Mount Everest

A renowned Australian balloonist, Chris Dewhirst, is offering people the chance to enjoy a hot air balloon trip over the world’s highest mountain. Each trip costs a minimum of $4.8m, which is around £3m. While this is the cost of a solo trip, couples can enjoy the view for just $5.2m, which is about £3.3m. Chris Dewhirst first flew over Mount Everest, which is known locally as either Sagarmatha or Chomolungma, in 1991. He was part of a four-man team that broke four world records by completing the flight. This small team also contained the only people to have ever flown over the famous peak, which is a key selling point for the flight. The website advertising the trip reads:
“This is not only a remarkable endeavour, it is also an invitation to join one of the most elite fraternities on Earth; Chris and his team were the first and only people to accomplish this feat - you could be the next.”
Anyone who wants to take advantage of this unique opportunity has to be reasonably fit to do so. They also have to be prepared to undergo a month of physical and skill training, which needs to be completed successfully before the trip can take place. Whether the flight actually happens is dependent on a suitable weather window opening up. This means that participants have to be prepared to spend several weeks on the ground in Nepal. Typically, the flight is expected to take most of the day, and will provide the occupants of the hot air balloon with some truly unique photo opportunities.
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