Dee Valley balloon festival resurrected for charity

The Wales International Balloon Festival will be taking place on 17th and 18th September, following an absence of five years.

The popular event last took place in 2010, but is being resurrected to raise money for charity. An official launch was held for the balloon festival at the beginning of August, at the Royal International Pavilion in Llangollen.

Although the hot air balloons will be the main feature of the weekend, there will also be a night glow which will be accompanied by a music show. A firework display will take place on the Saturday. The profits will all be donated to Nightingale House, a local hospice, with the funds being used to support the care of patients. The balloon festival is the only one to take place in Wales, and was initially launched in 1997, running for 13 years.

According to the chief executive of Nightingale House, John Savage, members of the public in North Wales really enjoy the event and welcome its return. Savage added that they were hoping to bring back the festival as an annual feature for Llangollen, as it will also benefit the local business community. During the 13 years it ran, the balloon festival raised more than a million pounds for the north Wales community.

The Red Devils Parachute Display team will be appearing at the event, along with a spectacular display of model balloons within the pavilion. Balloon flights are becoming a popular choice of entertainment for families across the UK.

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