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English schoolboy’s helium balloon lands in Australia

A six-year-old boy in England released a helium balloon to the winds, later receiving a letter confirming that it landed in Australia. Joshua Blackaby, who is from Derby, was thrilled to get a letter from a young girl living in Sydney telling him she came upon the balloon stuck in a tree next to her home. The boy admitted he couldn’t believe the balloon managed to travel so far and said he looks forward to replying to the letter. The balloon was launched with 300 others as part of a project at his school. Some of them reportedly reached Denmark and The Netherlands. Suzanne Hemmings, Joshua’s teacher at Wyndham Primary Academy, said:
“We thought that was amazing but after half term a letter arrived from Australia. Joshua opened it in front of his class to reveal the balloon tag and a letter from a little girl called Millie who had found the balloon in East Kurrajong, about 50 miles from Sydney.”
She continued to say the epic balloon flight would help to give pupils at the school a better understanding of the weather and geography. The letter sent to Joshua’s school was written by Millie’s parents and read:
“Hi. My name is Millie and I found your balloon in a tree in my back garden. I am very excited and pleased to send it back.”
Joshua’s mum, Coleen, said she was astonished when she heard the news that Joshua’s helium balloon made it to the other side of the world.
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