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Explore Jane Austen country with a balloon ride through Hampshire

Fans of Jane Austen will be aware that the literary genius took much the inspiration for some of her most famous books, including Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility, from the Hampshire countryside. This makes a hot air balloon flight through the Hampshire skies the perfect gift for fans of the female author. Austen wrote the first drafts of many of her novels from her home in Stevenson, which is situated near Basingstoke – where she also attended many dances. Not only that, but she is buried in Winchester Cathedral, making Hampshire well and truly part of her life and legacy.

Exploring the sights

There are a number of interesting Jane Austen related sights that you might be able to view above during a spectacular hot air balloon ride through the county. Here are some of the most important:

Winchester Cathedral

This is the final resting place of the novelist, so there is no better way to pay tribute than by taking a flying visit over Winchester Cathedral with its impressive Gothic architecture, which was undoubtedly an inspiration to Austen in her lifetime.


The Hampshire village of Chawton was the home of Austen during the last eight years of her life. Flying through its skies, you should be lucky enough to see the Jane Austen’s House Museum – once her home and now a fine attraction for fans of the great woman.

The New Forest

The New Forest is one of nature’s greatest achievements, and it just so happens that Jane and her family would make regular visits to the area, where they would take walks and bask in nature’s glow. Of course, Austen did not have the benefit of a hot air balloon ride to give her a bird’s eye view of the many natural treasures within the forest, but you do.

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