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Explore Surrey’s best scenery in a unique way

Surrey may not be the first place you thing about when planning an hot air balloon trip in the UK, but it is a very underrated county with lots of unique landmarks and beautiful stretches of nature. These are ideal from viewing as you float along in a hot air balloon basket. Here are just some of the interesting and impressive things you might get to see on a hot air balloon ride through Surrey: Leith Hill The top of Leith Hill is the highest point in the south east of England, so if you cannot climb to its peak, why not take a hot air balloon ride over the top? If you do so, you will not only have a great view of the hill, but you will also be able to look out over Surrey, Central London and the coast, providing your eyes with a veritable feast. Richmond Park Animal lovers should cross their fingers that they get to fly over Richmond Park, which is home a large population of fallow and red deer, which roam freely in the grounds. They will not be scared off by a silent hot air balloon floating above, allowing passengers to observe them at leisure. Runnymede History buffs will be delighted if they get the opportunity to flu over Runnymede, which is the sight where the Magna Carta was signed back in the 13th century. The Devil’s Punch Bowl Dramatic scenery awaits you at the Devil’s Punch Bowl – an outstanding area comprising of a natural amphitheatre of stone, which you will be able to look right down into from above. Waverley Abbey The ruins of Waverley Abbey look magic at the right times of day, particularly dusk and dawn, when they take on a slightly ethereal glow and a certain air of romance, which makes them well worth the trip.

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