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Explore Yorkshire’s monuments on a hot air balloon ride

The historic northern county of Yorkshire, is without a doubt, one of the best places to take a hot air balloon ride in the UK, not only because it is home to some of the most impressive, rugged landscapes in the country, but also because it is home to an astonishing number of landmarks and follies, which are perfect for viewing on a leisurely hot air balloon ride.

Three of Yorkshire’s finest landmarks and follies

When you embark upon a hot air balloon ride in Yorkshire, it is fair to say that you never really know what you might drift over, not least because the direction a hot air balloon takes largely depends on the weather at the time. However, here are some of the most interesting sights you may get to see on your journey:

Arncliffe in Littondale

This quaint village is a prime example of Yorkshire past, this is because it has remained largely unspoilt for many years, making it a must see for lovers of English country and village history.

Batley Shoddy Temple

Batley Shoddy Temple is the name the Central Chapel in Batley Square is more commonly known as. It is a building that looks spectacular from above, and one that is surrounded by many historical examples of cloth production in the area - shoddy was a type of cloth made from old rags and new wool combined.

Needle’s Eye

Located in Rotherham, Needle’s Eye is a large tower topped with a stone urn, pierced by a carriageway. The only way to fully appreciate this unusual landmark, which is said to have been built as the result of a bet by the Marquis of Rockingham to drive a horse and carriage through the eye of a needle, is from above, making it the perfect folly for hot air balloon explorers.

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