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Eye-catching aerial photography taken of Turkish landscape

Photographer Afonso Salcedo has captured some beautiful shots of Cappadocia, Turkey, whilst grappling with the camera from inside a hot air balloon. Salcedo, who found this feat to be more challenging than he had previously anticipated, described the surrounding scenery as an “alien desert landscape”. He reported that he was mainly concerned with attempting not to fall out of the balloon while battling feelings of vertigo. Simultaneously, Salcedo had to work out ways to capture the pictures by scrutinising surrounding balloons and the landscape. Originally, while travelling across Turkey with a group of friends, Salcedo was presented with the chance to partake a hot air balloon ride, which he was unable to refuse. He said of the occasion:
“I always wonder when these moments come in your life, and I’m always afraid of never having that same chance again. So I jumped at that, signed up, and caught an old van at 4 a.m. to drive almost an hour to the middle of nowhere where these balloons were located.”
He describes Cappadocia as a landscape of desert, canyons and underground caves. Having photographed scenery from all across the globe, Salcedo expressed that he had never witnessed such sights before. Referring to himself as a lover of nature and the outdoors, with a huge passion for photography, Salcedo said that although taking photos from the balloon was challenging, the shifting changes in perspective allowed for some stunning pictures. The team were lucky to travel in good weather, with a “perfect” sunrise that was ever changing the light and shades of the terrain, due to the early hours of the day.
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