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Fly in a hot air balloon without leaving the ground

The virtual reality headgear manufacturer Oculus VR has developed a program that simulates a hot air balloon flight over a mountainous environment. In the virtual reality game, the user wears a special headset to take the role of the pilot. While they handle the balloon, the digital pilot can take in the fantastic mountainous landscape. The game player can choose to stand as they would in a real balloon or play seated. The gamer must ride the air currents as they would in a real balloon. They can even use their burners to rise or vent to descend, which can help them to get a better view of the lakes that dot the landscape. The developers of the game commented:
“…this is the closest you'll come to piloting a hot air balloon without actually stepping inside one.”
There are several games available, or in development, for the Gear VR Headset that include hot air ballooning elements. Over the Alps is already a popular title, which allows users to be a passenger in a hot air balloon and experience flying over the Alps. In that game, players can navigate to specific points in the landscape using the space bar. Hot Air Balloon - City Life is another ballooning simulator that is currently in beta development. Set in the future, balloonists get the chance to fly over an imagined cityscape. Included in this game, there is control of elevation, as well as forward and backward movement of the balloon. There are even firework scenes that are synchronised to music, which are reminiscent of real-life ballooning events.
Hot Air Balloon Rides

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