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From country to city to coast in a Hampshire balloon

With its sweeping coastline and rambling countryside, hot air balloon rides over Hampshire are a fantastic experience. Home to the stunning New Forest and the cities of Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester too, the county’s many vistas flow into one rich tapestry.

Towns and traditions

Naturally, your own experience is very much decided by where the English breeze decides to take you. However, ascending into the air from the outskirts of Basingstoke, the first thing to come to the fore will be the glistening canal. So important to early industry, the view typifies Hampshire balloon rides, with water, land, and urban coming together. From here, your hot air balloon flight in Hampshire could take in numerous traditional English villages, although navigating the skies above the soaring Winchester Cathedral is also a frequent highlight.

Country and coast

Wherever you journey, the balloon will continue its effortless trip out into the verdant countryside and here, the salty sea breeze of the nearby coast will most likely delicately flavour the air. Giving another sense of the magnificent diversity of the county, the sprawling metropolises of Portsmouth and Southampton and their maritime might, of which the nation has been made so proud, may well make an appearance in the distance.

Forests and fair weather

These distant city vistas are further noted set against the countryside below, however, with a flight above the sweeping chalk hills descending into the picturesque Test and Meon valleys. Taking your breath as you drink in the clean fresh air from your vantage point will be the New Forest, of course, which you will most likely be able to see no matter where the gusts guide. Journeying west, if the prevailing winds allow, this most historic and ancient of settings will certainly come into its best view. If you're truly lucky on your flight, its resident ponies will put on a parade beneath as your basket passes by.

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