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Give your eyes a feast by flying over Bath in a hot air balloon

Bath is one of the most awe-inspiring places in UK, if not the world, which is probably why the whole city has been a World Heritage Site since 1987. Anyone who has visited the city, which is nestled in attractive corner of Somerset on the River Avon, will know just how beautiful and inspiring its sights and sounds can be, but until you have experienced it in all of its glory from the vantage of a hot air balloon ride in Bath, you can never truly appreciate how beautiful the once spa town really is. The River Avon The River Avon is one of our most impressive rivers, stretching from Gloucestershire to Bristol. You may have experienced its wonderful sights and sounds from its banks, or from the river itself, but until you have looked down on its glistening waters and frolicking wildlife as you float along in a hot air balloon, you have barely experienced it at all. Roman Baths of romance Of course, Bath is also an incredibly romantic city and hot air balloon rides are a notorious mode of transport for lovers everywhere, so it is only natural that combining the two makes for the most romantic of journeys you will ever take. The Roman Baths, in particular, make for extremely romantic viewing as you float over their impressive white columns and soothing blue - green waters, which look all the more impressive at night when the soft illumination of lights glitter and gleam off the pools. The countryside Of course, the main attractions of any visit to Bath are the wonders of nature itself. Any flight over bath will delight your senses with wild flowers, sweeping hills and rolling waters, not to mention the many wild animals going about their business you are able to spy on high.

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