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Gloucestershire children experience balloon adventure

An entire school has received a very special treat during SATS week. Jenna and David Pearce, who run their own ballooning company, initially intended to provide the hot air balloon experience to just six-year-old daughter Alyssa’s class at Hopelands Preparatory School in Stonehouse. However, they decided to extend their offer to the whole of the school, encompassing all 85 pupils and staff. Mr Pearce added:
"The best bit for the children was being able to see from the inside how the air balloon is blown up by a big fan, going from lying on its side on the ground to fully inflated and ready to float."
Every single pupil from the school managed to take part in the tethered balloon flights. Sheila Bradburn, head teacher of Hopelands, commented:
"This was such a generous gift… and a real treat for our children. I don't think their feet are fully back on the ground yet - they haven't stopped talking about the day."
The visiting hot air balloon was tied to a car in a field adjoining the Stonehouse Community Centre’s car park. The day was deemed a huge success and a welcome break from the children’s SATS. One schoolchild said:
"It was really fun. We all helped with the blowing up, and then went up higher than everyone else. We saw a girl in another school down below looking up at us in the balloon - it was amazing."
The day proved a massive hit with the children, who will remember their hot air balloon adventure for years to come.
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