Group wedding takes to skies in China

Onlookers in the capital of Jiangsu Province, China, could hardly believe their eyes when 50 couples took to the skies in hot air balloons to get married.

The sky was filled with the dramatic sight of colourful hot air balloons drifting along, each with a couple taking their vows. Many couples planning their wedding look for something a little different to a traditional ceremony, but these couples in Nanjing had found the ultimate way to celebrate their love. Over the last year, group weddings have become a more popular option. Earlier this year, Nanjing University hosted the weddings of 114 couples, to coincide with the 114th anniversary of the founding of the institution. Another group wedding took place when navy personnel were not able to obtain time off for an individual ceremony, so a group of couples tied the knot on a Chinese warship.

One spectator stated that although all the hot air balloons took to the skies at the same time, it all went smoothly as the couples ascended at once. Another tourist took a selfie while standing in front of the group of balloons. One happy couple took the time to take a selfie before the balloons lifted to the sky, while others waved to the crowds of people. Following the ceremony, the newly wed couples ran down the road, waving to onlookers and photographers.

Balloon rides are a popular way to celebrate various events in a person’s life, including their wedding day.

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