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Hot air balloon enthusiast travels the world Disney style

Fans of Disney movies may want to keep a look out for a balloon which is a replica of the one from 'Up' which is produced by Disney Pixar. The hot air balloon is attached to a replica of the house from the film, with 600 balloons sewn onto the exterior of the balloon. Simon Askey is mimicking the main character from the film, Carl Fredericksen, who has a motto “adventure is out there”. During March, the balloon made an appearance at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular, which took place in Australia. The balloon measures 84,000 cubic feet, and its official title is Cameron TR-84. Although the balloon looks huge from the ground, it is one of the smaller hot air balloons to be at the event. The popular event takes place over nine days, taking off from Old Parliament House, with around 40 balloons taking part in the festival. The balloon stayed at the event from 12th to 20th March, and has now travelled on to another destination. Askey has confirmed that he may consider visiting Japan later in the year. Fans of Disney and hot air balloons will be hoping that it manages to reach Angel Falls in Venezuela, as this is the place which provided the inspiration for 'Paradise Falls' in the film. In the past, the balloon has even been spotted flying beneath Tower Bridge in London. Hot air balloon flights are extremely popular with people of all ages, many of whom are longing to see some spectacular sights.
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