Hot air balloon in shape of a head promotes peace

The residents of Tel Aviv were recently left amazed at the sight of a giant human head flying high above them.

The unusual hot air balloon had been designed during the 1980s by the late Peter Halbum, an artist from Sweden who sought to promote peace and acceptance throughout the world. The balloon is considered to be the most well known in the world and a work of art.

Halbum had wanted to create something so big and distinctive, that it would influence people’s thoughts, promoting solidarity among humans and peace. The balloon was intended to promote this message wherever it was in the world.

The balloon is neutral, with no discerning colour, to represent human beings, no matter what their race or religion. Halbum stated that the head would also represent humans without any predispositions or prejudices.

The artist said:

“It makes us understand that underneath we are all human beings.”

The Head has a slogan “Use your head – follow your heart” which was designed to remind people all over the world that they are inclined to use their heads rather than listen to what is in their hearts. Skytrek took the balloon to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, to be a part of the recent balloon festival, along with a range of other hot air balloons.

People who experience a balloon flight often say that they enjoy the peace of being so high in the air, looking down on the breath-taking scenery.

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