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Hot air ballooning in Cheshire

Cheshire is without a doubt one of the best places to take a hot air balloon ride in the UK. Not only is the northern county home to some wonderful sites of natural beauty itself, but it also shares borders with a number of equally picturesque areas, including Shropshire, Merseyside and Wales, which means that you can see a wide variety of sights when taking a hot air balloon ride in Cheshire, depending on which way the wind blows.

Taking a hot air balloon ride in Cheshire

If you want to see the Tudor buildings of Nantwich High Street, the Cheshire Plains, or the Neolithic burial grounds in Congleton from a rather unique vantage point, you can book a hot air balloon ride in Cheshire. Typically, hot air balloon flying season in the UK is from March to October, so you will need to plan accordingly, and because hot air balloons can only fly in good weather, it is important to try and book when the weather in Cheshire is likely to be good, and to prepare for possibly having a flight moved if necessary. In most cases, you can simply by a voucher for hot air balloon flights n Cheshire, which will enable you to take your flight when conditions are right.

Things to look out for

Although it is hard to predict where exactly your hot air balloon flight will take you, you should always do some research on the area you will be flying, so that you can look out for sites of any particular interest. When flying in Cheshire, some of the things you may want to look out for include: Chester Cathedral, Beeston Castle, Little Moreton Hall, Shining Tor and Walton Hall Gardens amongst many others. The main thing is to ensure you enjoy your leisurely balloon ride, by taking in everything the journey has to offer you and the people you choose to share your balloon ride with.

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