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Hot air balloons used to raise money for charity

Recently, several charitable organisations have enlisted the help of balloon pilots to help them to generate interest in their work and source funds. One of the most recent examples was a US charity called Mommy’s Haven. In October, it offered people in Crown Point, Indiana, the chance to enjoy a short hot air balloon ride for $15 (£9.30), with Rich Construction of Dyer sponsoring the craft. The money raised from the rides, raffle, and food and drink sold at the event will go towards buying a house. The charity provides support and accommodation for vulnerable women who are pregnant and need a safe place to live. Another recent example was a festival held in Wallingford near Oxford in September, 2014. At that event, ten balloonists took part and provided free tethered rides. Funds gathered from these flights were contributed to a project to build a bakery in Nakuru, Kenya. The business is being set up to help people in the area who are suffering from cataracts and eye problems. Money from the bakery will be used to support this group and provide them with medical help. Hot air ballooning is reportedly growing in popularity across the world and it is something that many people are keen to try. For some, taking a hot air balloon flight is high up on their bucket list, so with the help of balloon pilots and their crews, charities can raise a lot of money and do so quickly.
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