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How a hot air balloon ride can change your perspective of Berkshire

Whether you live in Berkshire, or you just like to visit the county as often as you can, you probably think that you know the area quite well, and to some extent you probably will. However, it is virtually guaranteed that you will see the county you love in a whole different light if you take a hot air balloon ride through its skies.

Changing your perspective

When you are very familiar with a certain picture, place or person, it is only natural that you begin to take them or it for granted, and because you think you know what is there or what they are about, you stop noticing what is actually there in front of you. By changing your perspective, like you do when you take a hot air balloon ride, you force your mind to work differently and this enables you to gain a fresh new perspective on the thing you are looking at, allowing you to see and be amazed by new aspects you had not and could not notice before. For example, if you were to take a hot air balloon ride over one of Berkshire’s most popular landmarks, Highclere Castle, you would be treated to a 360 degree panoramic view of the stunning Jacobean castle, which was used as the location for Downton Abbey. This would enable you to view its unique architectural features in much more detail. St George’s Chapel is another popular Berkshire landmark, which looks even more stunning from above, thanks to your ability to float over the intricately designed Gothic building. The chapel is used as the main place of worship for Windsor Castle, taking in the stunning spires and design work which has made it such an icon of British architecture over the years.

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