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How to prepare for a hot air balloon ride

Being given the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon really can be a once in a lifetime for many people. It can provide a fabulous, floating vision of sublime beauty as you glide up into the sky and absorb the sweeping, panoramic view. There are a number of things that you can do in preparation of this amazing experience to ensure that you reap maximum benefit and enjoyment from it. A good night’s sleep Often, hot air balloon flights start early in the day, to be up and ready to go shortly after sunrise. A good night’s sleep beforehand means that you should wake up refreshed, and in plenty of time for the exciting day ahead. Prepare your clothes and belongings the night before It’s been said before that it’s all in the planning, and it’s true. By getting your clothes ready and packing any belongings you wish to take such as drinks and snacks, and placing everything by the front door, you will make the process of getting ready and out of the house easier and less stressful. Also it is less likely that something will get forgotten. Take a friend or family member With riding in a hot air balloon being such a unique experience, make it more memorable and special by sharing it with someone close to you. Having someone to talk to on your journey can heighten the experience as you discuss what you can see and how you feel. Choose footwear wisely Hot air balloon rides can involve standing for a considerable period of time, so make sure you select a pair of comfortable shoes, so as not to dampen the experience with tired, achy feet. Don’t look down Many people find that keeping their attention focused straight ahead, as opposed to looking down, is beneficial at the start of the flight. This can help if you are not keen on heights. You will soon find that you relax, and enjoy the experience, possibly building on your confidence enough to look down as the journey progresses. Don’t blame it on the sunshine Once up in the air – and dependant on where you are standing in relation to where the sun is – make sure you have your sunglasses. By being prepared, you will ensure that your scenic view is not blocked and you don’t have to squint for the duration of the flight. Photo opportunity The opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon presents passengers with unlimited glorious photo opportunities, so don’t forget to pack your camera. Trust the pilot Never forget that the person at the helm of the balloon will probably have years of flight experience behind them. They are the expert in this field, and are trained how to react in any given situation. Concentrate on enjoying the experience, and let them get on with their job. Lastly but most importantly – enjoy yourself and soak up the rich ambience of the experience.

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