Intrepid centenarian gets airborne in balloon

An adventurous Glaswegian senior, Chrissie Miller, took to the air in a balloon for a flight lasting one hour.

Ms. Miller had travelled widely when she was younger and she had also watched balloon flights before from solid ground. Hot air ballooning in UK skies was a temptation to her as she was not at all scared. Ms. Miller has said:

“I’m as mad as a hatter. It was exciting when they told me I was going to go. I’m 100. It’s there, so go. It was the spirit of adventure, way, way up high.”

Ms. Miller got the opportunity to have the experience because Flexicare, a housing association in Glasgow, has started to focus on the dreams of the people its staff care about. The manager of the firm, Bernadette Farrell, has pointed out that Ms. Miller once journeyed as far as the Russian border when she was younger. Jacqui Malarkey, the main carer of Ms. Miller, saw no reason why her charge should not have an adventure to remember.

Ms. Miller enjoyed the backing of one of her friends. Betty McDonald, who is 89, took the time to provide moral support on the day in question.

Ms. Miller seems to have become emotional as a result of the experience. At one point in the proceedings, she even quoted Wordsworth, but by the time she had returned to terra firma, she was speechless. When asked about what her experience was like, she could on give it two thumbs up.

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