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Irish company aims to make proposing easier

A company based in the Emerald Isle has recently been created with the aim of creating stress-free proposals of marriage. The new business, Propose2Me.com, is the first of its kind in Ireland, and will organise a range of events or situations to make the proposal one that will never be forgotten, including picnics in private locations and hot air balloon flights. The founder of the business, Arlene Malone, who is from County Louth, said that wedding planning is completely acceptable nowadays, and helps make sure that a wedding is a success and a day to remember. For most couples, the proposal is also an important occasion, something that will be remembered forever, and should therefore be special. Malone added:
“Until now there was never anyone to help spouses with the most stressful start of the whole charade - the perfect proposal.”
A romantic hot air balloon flight is just one of the possibilities, along with a live music, where a musician plays a favourite song as the spouse proposes. Staying in a hotel, along with champagne and a photographer to capture the proposal is another option, while others may prefer the seclusion of dinner in a rooftop garden. Malone adds that the company will provide an event that is appropriate and within the client's budget. For those who have very little time to plan the event, there's also a service for choosing the ring. Flights in a hot air balloon are popular for many reasons, but for a couple seeking something special, a hot air balloon is one of the most romantic options.
Hot Air Balloon Rides

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