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Lake Geneva school children learn about hot air balloons

Hot air ballooning is the latest subject to be introduced at the Summer Academy in the Brookwood School District, as their youngest teacher tries to secure the Gold award in the Girl Scouts. Elizabeth Bullock, aged 17, has developed a “Fun with things that fly” science class which focuses on aviation for pupils in grades six to eight. Each class is one hour long and the first was held on 11th July, running Monday to Thursday until 21st July. Following her second class on 12th July, Bullock was interviewed, telling the reporter for Lake Geneva News:
“Basically, my interest in aviation and engineering is just what gives me the academic aspect, the knowledge to figure out how to tie it into a class about hot air ballooning.”
The family of the school teacher are all hot air balloon enthusiasts, with her parents first showing an interest back in 1998. At the age of four, her parents acquired a balloon, firing up her interest. Now, Bullock has her pilot's licence. The superintendent of Brookwood, Kellie Bohn, is also her mentor and states that she is impressed by her dedication to the project. Bullock worked with fourth grade teacher Mary Ellen Kanthack to plan lessons, which are also being published on an online resource so that other teachers can obtain them. During the lessons, the teacher focuses on science and some of her summer camp activities to interest the children. Kanthack said that she believes that Bullock deserves the Gold award for her lessons in hot air ballooning.
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