Letter posted from France during 19th century is found in Australia

A letter that was posted in Paris during the 19th century has puzzled historians, as they try to work out why it eventually ended up in Australia.

The letter had been sent in a hot air balloon in either 1870 or 1871 and was recently discovered in the National Archives of Australia, in Sydney. According to historians, the letter was sent around 145 years ago by Charles Mesnier, or maybe Mesmier. It had been addressed to his mother during the Franco-Prussian war. The contents of the letter seek to reassure his family, as he tells them not to be concerned about him. During the letter, the writer also mentions “some real battles”.

According to a report by the BBC, the letter was sent via the hot air balloon on 7th December. It measures eight by five inches, and was only discovered when an exhibit was being discussed by officials. The BBC believes that the letter may have been purchased at auction, and that the family of the sender may reside in Australia, while a report from NDTV states that people in Paris would have used a hot air balloon as a means to deliver the letter, one of very few ways available to them at that time. Apparently, balloon flights occurred at night and numerous letters were delivered by this method.

Thankfully, letters are now delivered within a short space of time and without using a hot air balloon, which is better used for those wanting an experience of a lifetime.

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