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Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Hickstead (West Sussex)

The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead Showground
Hickstead, Hassocks
West Sussex

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Another of our launch sites in West Sussex, Hickstead is located just north of the South Downs. 

It is known as the "home of British showjumping" thanks to the All England Jumping Course which has hosted some of the greatest show jumpers in the world, making it one of the most famous equestrian venues.

Hickstead is easily accessible from Brighton and on a clear day you may even see view of the coast!

Wherever the wind takes you, you'll be treated to stunning countryside views.

Cowdray Park & Cowdray Ruins

As the hot air balloon gracefully ascends over West Sussex, UK, a splendid panorama of diverse landscapes unfolds, showcasing the county's natural beauty and historical charm. The gentle undulations of the South Downs create a patchwork quilt of vibrant greens, dotted with picturesque villages and historic landmarks.

The rolling hills of the South Downs National Park reveal themselves beneath the balloon, covered in a tapestry of fields, hedgerows, and woodlands. The meandering paths of walking trails and bridleways crisscross the landscape, inviting exploration through this scenic countryside.

As the balloon drifts over the quaint market town of Midhurst, the historic Cowdray Ruins come into view. The remnants of this Tudor-era manor house stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history, nestled amidst the greenery of Cowdray Park. Nearby, the River Rother winds its way through the landscape, adding a tranquil flow to the scene.

Moving south, the balloon provides a breathtaking view of the coastline along the English Channel. The seaside town of Littlehampton reveals its sandy beaches and bustling harbor, where colorful boats bob gently in the water. The iconic East Beach Café, with its unique architectural design, stands as a landmark along the shore.

The balloon's journey continues over the historic city of Chichester, where the towering spire of Chichester Cathedral pierces the skyline. The medieval streets and Georgian architecture of Chichester showcase the town's rich heritage, creating a charming juxtaposition between the old and the new.

The rural landscapes of West Sussex unfold, offering glimpses of picturesque villages like Petworth and Pulborough. The historic Petworth House, surrounded by expansive parklands designed by Capability Brown, adds a touch of grandeur to the scenery.

Throughout the flight, the balloon provides an uninterrupted view of West Sussex's rich tapestry of landscapes, from the serene countryside to the historic towns and coastal areas. The immersive experience captures the essence of this county, revealing its natural allure and historical significance in a captivating aerial display.

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