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Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Norfolk

Bluebell Road

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Norfolk hot air balloon

In Norfolk, we provide our flights from Norwich itself, providing incomparable views of the iconic city before floating over the breath-taking countryside or possibly even the iconic Norfolk Broads.

Norwich is host to a multitude of elegant architectures, which are even more stunning from the air! Notably the historic castle and cathedral, the modern Forum and Sainsbury centre, the new hospital and for all those football fans, a never before seen view of Carrow Road, home of the beloved Canaries.

Outside the city you will be carried over rustic Norfolk countryside. Offering constant photo opportunities and a whole new perspective of Norfolk can be observed.

Waterways & Picturesque Villages

Drifting gently in a hot air balloon over Norfolk, UK, unveils a captivating canvas of landscapes that define this East Anglian county. The patchwork of fields stretches endlessly, a vibrant mosaic of greens and golds, divided by meandering waterways and picturesque villages.

The Norfolk Broads, a network of tranquil water channels and expanses, come into view. These iconic wetlands, dotted with sailboats and surrounded by lush marshes, create a serene watercolor beneath the balloon. Reeds sway gently along the banks, offering a haven for diverse birdlife.

As the balloon floats over the historic city of Norwich, the silhouette of Norwich Cathedral and the medieval architecture of Norwich Castle dominate the skyline. The city's red-bricked buildings and bustling marketplaces provide a charming contrast to the surrounding rural landscapes.

The North Norfolk Coast unfurls along the horizon, revealing a stunning blend of golden beaches, salt marshes, and dramatic cliffs. Seaside towns like Cromer and Sheringham showcase their distinctive charm, and the picturesque Cromer Pier extends gracefully into the North Sea.

Farmlands stretch out beneath the balloon, interrupted only by traditional windmills that stand as sentinels of Norfolk's agricultural heritage. Quaint villages with thatched cottages and village greens offer glimpses of timeless rural life.

Moving towards the Broads, the winding waterways reflect the sunlight, creating a shimmering tapestry of blues and greens. Boats navigate the serene rivers, and waterside pubs provide picturesque resting spots for those exploring this unique network of wetlands.

The balloon's leisurely journey offers an aerial view of Norfolk's diverse topography, from the gentle countryside to the dynamic coastal stretches. The immersive experience captures the essence of Norfolk's natural beauty, historical richness, and the unique blend of rural and coastal landscapes that define this picturesque county in the East of England.

Things to Visit after your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Norfolk, a county in East Anglia, England, is renowned for its diverse and captivating attractions. Here are some of the most interesting places to explore in Norfolk:

  • Norwich Cathedral: A masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, Norwich Cathedral boasts a stunning facade, intricate stonework, and a majestic spire. Inside, visitors can marvel at the intricately carved wooden roof and the beautiful cloisters.
  • Sandringham House: The private residence of the British royal family, Sandringham House offers a glimpse into their private lives. Set amidst picturesque gardens and woodlands, the estate also features the Museum and the Queen's beloved country church.
  • Blickling Estate: A grand Jacobean mansion surrounded by magnificent gardens and parkland, Blickling Estate is steeped in history. The estate also includes a beautiful lake, ancient yew hedges, and a temple folly.
  • Holkham Hall: This Palladian-style stately home is set within a vast deer park and features opulent interiors, including a Marble Hall and a magnificent library. The surrounding parkland and beach are equally spectacular.
  • The Broads National Park: A unique network of waterways, the Broads offer opportunities for boating, birdwatching, and exploring picturesque villages. The tranquil landscapes are home to a diverse range of wildlife.
  • Cromer Pier: A quintessential British seaside experience, Cromer Pier offers stunning views of the North Sea and hosts various entertainments, including a traditional end-of-the-pier show.
  • Holkham Beach: Voted one of the best beaches in the UK, Holkham Beach is a vast expanse of golden sands bordered by pine forests and sand dunes. It's a haven for wildlife and a perfect spot for leisurely walks.
  • Walsingham Abbey: A place of pilgrimage for centuries, Walsingham Abbey is surrounded by beautiful gardens, including the stunning Abbey Gardens with their renowned snowdrop displays.
  • Great Yarmouth: A classic British seaside resort, Great Yarmouth offers a vibrant seafront, amusement arcades, and a range of family-friendly attractions, including the Pleasure Beach.
  • Pensthorpe Natural Park: Set within the Wensum Valley, Pensthorpe is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The park features diverse habitats, walking trails, and an array of bird species.
  • Sheringham Park: Designed by Humphry Repton, Sheringham Park offers a delightful blend of formal gardens, wooded areas, and sweeping views of the North Norfolk coast.
  • Felbrigg Hall: A beautiful 17th-century country house surrounded by stunning gardens and parkland, Felbrigg Hall invites visitors to explore its opulent interiors and extensive grounds.

From historic landmarks to picturesque natural settings, Norfolk offers a wealth of captivating experiences for visitors to enjoy. Whether exploring grand estates, meandering along scenic coastlines, or delving into the county's rich history, there's something to captivate every visitor to this enchanting region.

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