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Hot Air Balloon Rides Over Oakedge Shooting Ground

Oakedge Shooting Ground
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One of our launch sites in Stafford is Oakedge Shooting Ground. Located on the edge of Cannock Chase, an area of outstanding natural beauty, it's an excellent spot for fantastic views as you float skywards.

Known as the jewel of the West Midlands, Cannock Chase offers one of England's finest landscapes of forest and farmland, rich in history and wildlife habitats. 

Keep an eye out for The National Trust's Shugborough Estate, also situated on the on the edge of Cannock Chase. This Georgian mansion with extensive gardens is a glorious sight seen from above.

A hot air balloon ride from Oakridge Shooting Ground is sure to delight!

Urban Charm & Natural Beauty in Stafford

As the hot air balloon gently ascends over Stafford, UK, a blend of urban charm and natural beauty unfolds beneath. The town's historic roots are evident in the patchwork of architecture that combines centuries-old structures with more contemporary buildings. The River Sow meanders through the landscape, adding a fluid elegance to the town's profile.

From above, Stafford's town center reveals a mix of red-bricked Victorian buildings and modern developments. The spire of St. Mary's Church pierces the skyline, offering a timeless silhouette against the backdrop of both historic and modern structures. The bustling marketplace, a hub of activity even from this lofty vantage point, showcases a kaleidoscope of market stalls and lively energy.

As the balloon glides over Stafford Castle, a medieval fortress steeped in history, its imposing presence becomes clear. The castle's elevated position affords commanding views of the surrounding countryside and the town below. The lush greenery of Victoria Park unfolds nearby, a tranquil oasis within the urban landscape.

Beyond the town limits, the Staffordshire countryside stretches in all directions. Fields adorned with hedgerows create a patchwork quilt of greenery, interrupted only by occasional clusters of trees and small hamlets. The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal winds its way through the landscape, reflecting the dappled sunlight as it snakes beneath overhanging branches.

In the distance, the Staffordshire countryside showcases its rural charm with farmsteads, grazing livestock, and agricultural fields. The gentle undulations of the terrain add a rhythmic quality to the scenery, creating a serene and timeless ambiance.

As the hot air balloon continues its leisurely journey, Stafford's unique blend of heritage and modernity unfolds, offering a captivating perspective on this vibrant town and its surrounding countryside. The experience, suspended between earth and sky, provides a harmonious view of the juxtaposition of history and contemporary life in Stafford, UK.

What to do in Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase, located in Staffordshire, UK, offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors. Here are some things to do around Cannock Chase besides going on a hot air balloon ride:

  1. Cannock Chase Forest: Explore the forest with its numerous trails, perfect for walking, hiking, or cycling. There are also designated mountain biking trails for more adventurous visitors.
  2. Go Ape Cannock Chase: For an adrenaline-filled experience, try the Go Ape treetop adventure course. It features zip lines, Tarzan swings, and other exciting obstacles.
  3. Visitor Centers: Visit the Cannock Chase Visitor Centers for information, maps, and exhibitions about the area's natural and cultural history.
  4. Wildlife Watching: Cannock Chase is home to diverse wildlife. Bring binoculars and enjoy birdwatching or try to spot deer, rabbits, and other animals.
  5. Sherbrook Valley: Take a stroll through Sherbrook Valley, known for its beautiful landscapes and a lake. It's a great place for a peaceful walk.
  6. Museum of Cannock Chase: Learn about the region's coal mining history and the impact of World War II at this museum. It's both educational and interesting.
  7. Marquis Drive Visitor Center: Another visitor center offering information and amenities. It's an excellent starting point for exploring the forest.
  8. Cycling: Bring your bike or rent one locally to explore the cycling trails in Cannock Chase. The area offers routes for all skill levels.
  9. Segway Tours: Experience Cannock Chase on a Segway. It's a unique and fun way to explore the forest.
  10. Local Pubs and Cafes: Visit one of the local pubs or cafes for a relaxing break. Enjoy traditional British food and soak in the local atmosphere.
  11. Castle Ring: Explore the ancient hill fort known as Castle Ring, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
  12. Chase Leisure Centre: If you're looking for indoor activities, the Chase Leisure Centre offers a range of facilities, including a swimming pool and fitness classes.

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